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Although a level gravel base is best for your shed, buildings 8' wide or less can be set on additional skids running the width of the building. If your building site can't be accessed with our truck and trailer, we have a machine called a 'mule' that can get in around corners and between objects better than a truck and trailer.
Occasionally the site location is remote, and can't be accessed by truck or by using the 'mule'.
If you're doing a base for a camp with plumbing, you must have an access hole built into the base where you can do the plumbing hook-up.
Plans For Building A Shed If you intend on building your own shed than you need the right plans. Building A Wood Shed If you are like most home owners, eventually you begin to run out of space to store your stuff.
If you are in need of extra storage, than building a wood shed may be a fun and economical project you can tackle.

Building A Shed Roof The shed roof you chose when building your own shed can dramatically influence the look of your shed. Building A Storage Shed Building a storage shed on your own requires some woodworking skills. In those cases, we may be able to do a building in kit form, althouth the cost is considerably higher if we need to go on-site and do an assembly.
Please have at least two feet more than the building width and 14' in height cleared for a straight delivery- more if we need to take corners! There are different varieties of sheds, such as: garage sheds, metal sheds, storage sheds, garden sheds, etc.
There are many factors to consider when choosing the location for your shed, like zoning, direction of sunlight, location of utility lines, and distance from your property line.
But if you are like most people and lack some of the basic skills required to build your own storage shed, don’t panic!

After backing up to the gravel base or slab, the trailer is tilted until the back of the shed touches the ground. Many people are building or buying sheds for extra storage and move any items that don't really fit in the home into the shed. If you are looking to build a professional storage shed and save tons of money, than you need a set of storage plans.
To save costs, small storage buildings(8'x8' to 8'x16') can go on an extra set of sleepers rather than a gravel pad.

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