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We already talked about your lumberyard turning the plywood into manageable boards with the required width. A sturdy plywood hanging strip will form as the main support of the bookshelf against your room’s wall. To start the process, you should first measure the height of the room space (in which the bookshelf would rest) and then cut two bookshelf legs from plywood boards corresponding to this measured height. In this regard, the bulky bookshelf is no different; since, all the components that you will need is covered by sturdy veneer plywood and of course a saw to cut it.

So, you can always opt for hardwood veneered plywood, as it is more economical and has more strength that conventional wood. You should then start measuring the width of the room space, and then cut the horizontal shelves and the top facade in accordance with the measured widths.
Further marks or plywood scraps can be used on the line of the edges to identify the width of each shelf.
In this regard, it is best to choose either oak plywood (for its sturdiness) or birch plywood (for its affability to paint jobs).

However, when proceeding with the step, two things should be remembered: firstly, we should keep the recesses free between these vertical supports with the help of plywood scrapes.

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