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A plow plane is one of the lesser known woodworking tools, which is a shame, because it is one of the most useful tools a woodworker can have. In this post, we’ll show you how a plow plane works, and how you can use it to make grooves and rabbets for your woodworking project.
Plow planes (or plough planes, as they are sometimes referred to), come in different sizes and styles.
If you move the groove to the corner of the board, you’ll have a rabbet, which is another joint that you can make with a plow plane.
Using a plow plane is a great way to make joints that will help your woodworking projects come together.
A plow plane will have cutters of various widths that allow the plane to make grooves of various sizes.

Since the groove is established, the plane will ride along the groove, and this part will go relatively quickly. Although metal plow planes can be bought as new tools today, a used plow plane can easily be put to use.
The next plane is the Record 044, which has a wider variety of blades and is a bit more versatile. Feel free to add a bigger piece of wood, using the holes in the metal fence for screws to hold the wood in place. Take your time at this step, making sure that your left hand is putting enough pressure on the fence to keep the plane in line. At some point, the depth stop will prevent the plane from cutting any more wood and your groove will be finished.

This will create a longer fence, as seen in this picture, making the plow plane more stable in use. The Stanley 45 comes with cutters of various shapes besides a straight cutter, which gives this plane more versatility, and so it is often referred to as a combination plane. Some woodworkers think that the added versatility of the Stanley 45 gives it a complexity that makes the plane more difficult to use.

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