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This was my first try at staining wood, so before I got started, I consulted with my resident carpenter (my father-in-law) who gave me a couple of great tips. Since my sign is going to live outside, he also suggested I sand down the edges so they're more rounded.
First things first: when dealing with oil-based stain, you'll want to wear gloves and protect your clothing.
If you're a staining pro, this may seem like, duh, but if you're new at this like I am, I think you'll appreciate them!
Like I said at the beginning, put your patience pants on for this - it does take awhile if you're being careful to stay inside the lines!

If you have any stray sanding marks or divots, the stain will absorb more heavily in those. Your design will "transfer" to the wood and give you outlines to guide the painting process. This sign will be living outside by the water, so I chose an oil-based stain for durability. If you look really closely at the wood in the photo below, you can see some faint outlines from the indentations.
I started out with a not-so-still brush and it was really challenging to stay within the outlines and get crisp edges.

When using an oil-based stain, unless you want to mess with mineral spirits and have to deal with messy clean-up, I'd suggest applying it with disposable materials. For mine, I applied the stain to the whole board with a foam brush and wiped excess off immediately to get the color I wanted.

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