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I’ve seen this type of construction for gambrel roofs in a lot of shed and cabins, basically they will not pass code in most areas for a dwelling. A Better Built Storage Shed is perfect solution to the always present need for more space to store your belongings. Portable sheds usually do not require a building permit, as they can be moved if necessary to another location either on the same property or to a new location if you should move or sell your home. If you are looking for a shed or barn with a country look or primitive appearance, Better Built Portable Buildings offers 16 different styles of portable sheds all built on a "rustic" theme.
In addition to conventional buildings, Better Built also offers garden sheds, cottage sheds, garages, offices, cabins, playhouses, mini cottages and tea houses that offer additional functionality.

Portable buildings and outdoor sheds are available in Wichita, KS at the Flying Moose Antique Mall.
Better Built Portable Storage Buildings by Dix are outdoor storage sheds, barns, garages, cabins and offices that are built onsite in Kansas and then delivered by truck. I took your link and looked at the barn cabin which is the lofted style and it has the same 2×4 roof joists and particle board braces.
The convenience of having your own shed right in your backyard can save you a tremendous amount of time as well as money when compared to renting a public storage unit.
This also allows more flexibility in the placement of your shed since you do not need a concrete pad or foundation.

The end of the cottage features a larger door for adult access making it a very versatile storage shed. Dix claims all of their portable barns, sheds, cabins and garages are built to hold up under heavy use and provide a lifetime of service.

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