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UGL ZAR Oil Based Wood Stain wipes on like furniture polish adding rich uniform color to wood. ZAR Wood Stain can be applied to all varieties of wood, both unfinished and previously finished, and can be used on surfaces that have been previously painted or varnished to achieve a wood grain effect. ZAR Wood Stain brings out the beauty of wood on interior surfaces such as cabinets, floors, paneling, antiques, doors, wood trim and unfinished furniture. Steel Doors or Painted Surfaces: In addition to wood doors, ZAR Wood Stain when used with the ZAR Graining Tool is excellent for making steel doors look like real wood.
CLEAN UP: Paint thinner or mineral spirits Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container and unused contents in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Grained or Painted Surfaces : Remove all dirt, oil, wax, polish and grease with turpentine or suitable solvent.
Using a clean lint-free cloth, wipe ZAR Wood Stain on evenly in the direction of the grain of the wood.

If greater depth of color is desired, apply a second coat of ZAR Wood Stain and repeat drying and buffing steps. Allow ZAR Wood Stain to dry at least 48 hours before applying a protective coat of ZAR Polyurethane Clear Wood Finish. Grained Embossed Surfaces (Fiberglass, Steel or Composite): Stir ZAR Wood Stain thoroughly. Use a dry soft-bristled brush to remove any streaks and enhance the wood grained look of the door.
After allowing the stain to dry 48 hours, complete the job by applying ZAR Polyurethane Clear Wood finish.
Steel Door Instructions Create a wood grain effect on steel doors with ZAR Wood Stain and the ZAR Wood Graining Tool. ZAR is the only wood stain widely available with enough pigment and body to be used as a graining medium.

Before you begin to grain your door, practice on a painted metal or painted wood surface until you feel comfortable with the graining tool.
When you begin to grain your door, wipe a thin, uniform coat of ZAR Wood Stain on the surface and let stand for about 15 minutes. If you are not satisfied with your results, wipe off what you have applied using a cloth dampened with mineral spirits and start over.
After allowing at least 48 hours drying time, apply a thin, uniform coat of ZAR Wood Stain over the newly grained surface in the direction of the grain.

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