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Joyce Contract Interiors has applied years of experience in design, space planning, project management and excellent customer service to design solutions and floor plans for a wide variety of companies and industries. SOLUTION: We provided a cost-effective solution with a combination of remanufacturered cubicles and pre-owned office furniture. CHALLENGE: Design and layout office space and provide economical workstations for 42 people within a two week time period, while allowing growth potential for an additional 28 people.
CHALLENGE: To refurbish and install (76) 8x9 workstations and (12) executive offices within a strict budget and six week total timeframe. SOLUTION: With budget as a major issue, the client deliberated between purchasing brand new “Grade B” office furniture, or Joyce Contract “Grade A” refurbished. SOLUTION: We provided a sales rep area, reception area, conference and media rooms with new and remanufacturered furniture.

SOLUTION: Acting as their furniture management team, we designed the space using New Tile OPS cubicles and offices.
We designed the layout of the empty space and installed 42 8’ x 8’ pre-owned, ‘as is’ Haworth workstations, filing systems and bookcases; providing new seating and conference room furniture. The workstations had to be in place in time to allow for the acquisition of the occupancy permit. Our proposal offered a blend of furniture: for the workstations we provided refurbished panels with new fabric, refurbished overhead shelves, new work surfaces, and new pedestals (file drawers). To ensure privacy without incurring the cost of floor-to-ceiling drywall, Joyce Contract installed 62” high refurbished panels.
We also provided a floor plan for the future maximum of 70 total workstations, allowing for seamless, non-disruptive growth.

The result was office space—within budget—that was completely integrated, polished, and professional. Joyce Contract Interiors was invited back the following year to supply workstations and office furniture for an additional 103 workstations and 20 executive offices that matched the previous installation.

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