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So I asked Vince for some photos, instructions and everything he could give me so that I could publish a blog on his home made parrot stand so that the rest of us can learn a thing or two and start making our own for less!
Once your stand is completely assembled, you can begin adding light weight toys all over it to entice a shy bird to trust that it’s a safe surface. Use rewards like treats, anything your bird really likes (Vince used ice cubes to entice his grey who loves them!), petting and scritches that your parrot loves, and more.

I’m in the middle of building this play stand for my bird but Iam stuck on the middle part where you start adding the first ladder.
If you are trying to get a timid bird used to something new and that something new thing breaks or moves uneasily under the weight of your bird, your bird will be scared and it will become VERY hard to desensitize your bird to the playstand that you worked so hard to build. We never thought we would get another bird but we did Grecey was only 3 months when we saw her.

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