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When I come home to a warm house after scurrying around all day in the cold and snow, I can’t help but feel sorry for the birds that have to brave this awful weather outside. I will sometimes throw old pieces of bread in the yard for them, but I was recently inspired to go a step further by a project I saw that transformed a pine cone into a bird feeder by covering it with peanut butter and bird seed. After removing all the paper from the roll, cover the outside with a generous amount of peanut butter, then roll it in bird seed. Make sure the milk container is clean, then cut a few openings in the sides big enough for a bird to fit through and fold down the flaps. Making a life-sized nest meant that we could get crafty, which would give those itchy fingers something to do, and it would be the perfect prop for some pretend play and learning. We glued bark, leaves, shredded paper and sticks onto the outside of the cardboard and added soft cuts of material and recycled newspaper to the inside. It was also really comfy in the nest and they sat in there and played for ages.It only took me 15 minutes to create the nest and get the materials ready but allowed for hours of playful fun for the girls.  Even though we were playing, we were learning about nesting birds too and we didn’t even realise it!

While I can’t house any of them (my dog makes for an unsafe environment for little critters), I can help them out by providing them with some much-needed winter nutrition.
Recycling is a great end for these types of items, but repurposing is even better because they become useful again without a lot of processing. Photo By Dani Hurst.
Fill the container with enough bird seed to reach the bottom of the openings, screw on the lid and affix the feeder to a tree. By the next day a bunch of birds were happily feasting, and every day since I’ve heard excited chirping coming from that direction. We will have that opportunity soon too because we are moving house so they’ll be left over boxes galore!
We tried to keep it for as long as we could but ended up having to put it in the rubbish bin because we were trying to sell our house. I wish we had more time with it but it ended up having to go in the rubbish because we were selling our house.

If you do choose to start feeding birds this winter, make sure it’s a commitment you’re willing to stick with.
I asked if she’d like to decorate the nest with me and she was excited instantly.  As the twins woke up, each helped Miss L decorate the nest (with a little help from Mum).
It was so lovely to pretend to be a family of birds, especially since Miss L had a fear of birds at one stage.  Even the twins were really getting into it and flew around the nest giving their little lungs a work out from chirping . Lots and lots of modelling to look forward too Most recently Jack has been making bows & arrows and other things a knight might need.

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