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Autus clients and on-line garden storage retailer, SM Garden Sheds, have unveiled their latest line in light clad metal garden sheds. The two year design project saw SM Garden Sheds and wholesale suppliers Shed Baron working hand in hand with the manufacturers to produce a metal garden shed that is as strong and versatile as anything on the market, but made from fewer components, easier to assemble and available at a low cost. The investment in new production techniques has paid off with what has been heralded as a revolution in low cost garden storage. Lotus metal sheds are initially available in small  (6ft x 5ft), medium (8ft x 6ft), and  large (10ft x 8ft). When considering where to place a new shed, there are three criteria: location, location, location.
Even the most ordinary garden shed can be transformed with a little paint and simple decor.

Create a fancier, Victorian style shed with an octagonal window or arched glass insert in the door and complete the look with a little gingerbread trim.
Bring out your personality with artwork, both inside and out, that stamps the shed as uniquely yours.
No matter what your shed is made of, get a rustic look by painting it in a muted earth tone, and adding barn door hinges. Or, let your garden shed reflect your hobbies, such as sailing or fishing, with Cape Cod colours complemented with hanging fishing nets, oars, or lobster traps.
Create a stone pathway to the front door of your shed and spray-paint an old chair to sit out front.
These days a shed can help beautify your garden, become an attractive place to relax, and bring a little “backyard appeal” to your home.

If quaint and cozy is more your cup of tea, paint the shed in a light colour, complemented with darker shutters and window boxes. Check with your municipality to ensure that the size and position of your shed meets all regulations.

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