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SOLD: This is one of the first Lie-Nielsen rabbeting block planes made by the Maine toolmaker. So it’s a tricky tool compared to a dedicated block, dedicated rabbet and dedicated shoulder.
Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. My PWM BlogAnarchist’s 2015 Gift Guide, Day 9: Lie-Nielsen Honing GuideEvery year I recommend one tool that is a bit spendier than the rest, and this year it is the Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide.

Immediately upon opening the package you can see and feel that top quality workmanship that went into building the plane. There isn't a lateral adjuster on the plane but you can adjust it pretty easily using the large screw under the cap iron and then adjust the blade depth using the knob in the rear. A key difference between this plane and their low angle block plane is the lack of an adjustable mouth opening which I have seen be problematic in a few cases where it would dig too much in tough grain but taking a very light cut can compensate for this problem. Thomas Lie-Nielsen first showed me the prototypes about eight years ago, and it was a long and involved path for the company to get this tool into production.

This plane would hopefully allow me to have a nice block plane but also allow me to clean up the tenons on my workbench.
If you can't afford a Shoulder Plane, Low Angle Block Plane and a Rabbet Plane separately, this is a great alterative to start with.

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