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The New Zealand Centre for Political Research is a web-based think tank that takes a research-based approach to public policy matters and encourages the free and open debate of political issues. In those cases where Treaty settlements have been completed (some for the fourth or fifth time!), the status of the social and economic wellbeing of tribal members rests with iwi leaders, who have collectively received close to $2 billion of public money and assets.
The fact that the size of claimant groups influences the quantum of settlements helps to explain why some iwi are so aggressive in trying to get people to sign up. The blurring of blood lines through intermarriage is an issue for indigenous groups around the world.
Then there are special tax rates of 17.5 percent for iwi corporations that register as Maori authorities (compared to non-Maori rates of 28 percent company tax and 33 percent for trusts), with tax-free status for those that can convince officials their businesses are charitable or based around a marae.

New Zealanders must face up to the fact that the creep of race based privilege is expanding more rapidly, not only as the iwi elite become more powerful, but also as more and more people in positions of authority think pandering to Maori demands is the politically correct thing to do – especially at local government level.
Being the largest iwi in the country (the 2013 Census shows 125,601 people claimed Ngapuhi ancestry) they are angling for the most expensive Treaty settlement.
Of those, 535,941 indicated they were affiliated to one or more iwi – up from 512,325 in 2006.
These include Maori-only schools and education scholarships, housing projects, health-care prioritisation, special welfare initiatives, and even Maori-only programmes for prisoners.
But instead of asking for resident and ratepayer approval through a referendum process, they are hiding their proposal for this race-based body inside the regional planning process.

In a number of US states, when preferential treatment based on race, gender and ethnicity meted out by their government became unacceptably divisive, citizens took the law into their own hands by forcing a referendum. But since our referenda are not binding, we need politicians to lead the process of change for us. Equal rights is a key election issue for a majority of New Zealand voters who are looking for parties committed to ending preferential treatment based on race.

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