How to make wood joints by hand,10 x 6 shed base,diy double carport plans - For Begninners

The difference between cross halving joints and corner halving joints is that you cannot remove the waste using only a saw. The next step is to turn the wood round and slope the other edge to leave a sort of pyramid of waste.
Once you’ve sawn and chiselled out the housing in the second piece of wood, the next step is to try fitting the two together.
4 When nearing the thickness line, hold the cutting edge at an angle to the wood grain Trim fibres in the corners. Local woods such as Maple, Walnut, Ash, Cherry and a variety of unusual woods such as Zelkova, White Elm, and Chestnut just to name a few when dry and ready to use being selected.

Summary: Finger or comb Joints - The finger or comb joint is ideal for box constructions and are suitable for use with natural woods such as pine and mahogany or even man-made boards such as plywood and MDF. If the joint is cut accurately the ‘fingers should fit together without any gaps and the glue ensures that they are virtually indestructible. With that done, pushing the chisel through the wood rather than hitting it, gradually flatten off the pyramid until you have brought it level with the halfway lines. It is ideal for box constructions and is suitable for use with natural woods such as pine and mahogany or even manmade boards such as plywood and MDF.
The fingers are lined up with each other and they should slide together, rather like the fingers on you right and left hand when you interlock them.

Instead, carefully chisel off a fraction more wood, bit by bit, until you can fit the pieces together without undue force. The joint is strong especially when used with a good quality glue such as PVA (woodworkers adhesive) or cascamite. Try forcing your hands apart when they are interlocked - you will find this difficult to do.

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