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Stack rocks or concrete rubble inside the form to take up most of the space so that you don’t have to mix up a million bags of concrete. Mix up the concrete and pour or shovel it into the form, making sure to work it down in-between your rubble filler.
Go find a kid and let them leave a handprint in the wet concrete, Leave it to Beaver style. Well as someone who does concrete work I need to tell you a few reasons why I would have to rent a jack hammer and redo these stairs if I had done this for any paying customer. For future reference to keep concrete form cracking due frost, drop a tablespoon or two of dish soap into the mix.
Concrete is an incredible medium that is extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any application.
In recent years the possibilities of concrete used in a functional architectural application has been rapidly expanding and attracting more attention. Countertops built with concrete can be precast in a remote facility, or cast in place on site. We had originally planned on redoing the porch with Trex wood, but that would still leave us with half the problems we had before. We didn't totally plan on doing the steps as soon as we did, but we were talking about the project one night and went outside to assess the porch and how hard it would be to take it apart. When we got the bottom step off, we realized that the concrete under the steps had an unfinished edge. We've never done anything with concrete before, but I felt like we had a little bit of an advantage because TJ did have a class in college where he learned about concrete for an entire semester. We wanted to make sure we did the job right and we didn't take any shortcuts, so we rented a rotary hammer drill from Home Depot. I thought that drilling the holes and placing the rebar would take a long time, but I was surprised at how quickly it went.

It cost us about $50 to rent the rotary hammer drill and the concrete bit, but it was worth every penny. Once we had the porch removed, holes drilled, and rebar added, the last step we needed to do (before doing the concrete) was to build the concrete forms. The most exciting part, for me, was looking out the back door after the frames were in place. We got home, grabbed a few things we needed (the wheelbarrow from the neighbor, a 2x4 from the basement for screeding the concrete, and Pam cooking spray to spray on the inside of the concrete forms) and got started. By the time I got back, TJ had the top form pulled off and he was finishing the top two steps. Over the Christmas break, and mostly during my recovery from my surgery, TJ decided to start this woodworking website. Introduction Twin bunk beds have been on our to-do list for quite awhile now, but we were kind of just dragging our feet.
You need to use properly compacted material for your stair base and I doubt any rebar went into this project so you may not need to worry about them for long anyway. That’s because you always cut the tread thickness off the bottom of the stair jacks-which makes all the risers equal. If you want shorter steps for oldsters, et al, make them all shorter, it will be safer for everyone.
You should try to find out the relevant codes and follow them they are generally there for good reason. This creates microscopic bubbles in the concrete allowing moisture room for expansion when it freezes. When concrete is brought up in conversation, most people immediately think about a concrete truck and a huge load of wet gray dirty concrete used to make a driveway or a sidewalk. It can be stamped, colored, polished, stained, engraved, stenciled, inlaid, cast into any conceivable shape, size, design, form, or application. The technology of concrete and its design and application, mix designs, and potential continues to evolve at an incredible rate.

Tips include forming edges, leveling, smoothing, curing and other vital steps in creating a first-rate concrete pour.
It included the wood steps (but with only one handrail - we had to add the second handrail ourselves later) and a tiny concrete pad (about 3 feet by 4 feet).
Concrete is used to build bridges, roads, high rises, foundations, underground bomb shelters, as well as statues, floors, countertops, tiles, and more. One of the applications that has begun to receive a lot more attention is concrete countertops. Cast in place counters are ideal for large projects that would otherwise involve setting several different units and then trying to ensure that the joints and seams lined up perfectly.
I was searching for a small set of steps to build for my personal use in my own backyard and i think i’ve found them. With cast in place designs, concrete countertops can be laid seamlessly and unrestricted by design requirements. You need to measure how far the stairs have to drop and calculate the risers to ensure they are even. Precast concrete countertops are made off-site and installed later, similar to fabricated granite and marble slabs. The stain looked good for about 2 months and the rest of the year they looked completely dilapidated. Not only that, but the bottom step was so long that we needed to cut two different strips of fiberboard in order to make it long enough.
For now I am currently trying to build concrete stairs and a concrete stub wall around my basement.

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