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Minecraft is the exceptionally rare sort of game that can bridge the gap between myself and my kids. Depending on how you see it, that?s either a nomenclature problem or a perception one: east is wherever direction the sun rises from, and west wherever the sun sets, no matter what Cartograph does to convince you. Then by moving around and measuring how much the compass changes, or how much you have to move for a certain amount of change, you should be able to find out how far you’re from the SP.
And our 9 year old is also Lego obsessed and Minecraft scratches that particular itch perfectly.

The first Rock, Paper Shotgun server, I built a huge Q-bert style pyramid, out of four different materials. Then, some f**kwit decided to drop TNT all over the place (god knows how he was spawning it), which blew everything to hell (not literally, hell isn’t implemented yet).
Consequently, we’ve made vast buildings and a road network, amongst other things, and an underwater city. I’ve currently connected about 10 caves within one mountain to make a house, and built a tower into the side of the mountain.

I’m not sure how buggy it is, but Saturday night I managed to finish the farm and a waterfall. So it’s pretty common for people to build a huge pillar and light a fire on top in order to lead them home.

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