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Back in November we had settled on a house plan, started selecting our external finishes and were only awaiting the registration of the land to move forward with the build. We had already been pre-approved for finance for the land and knew how much we could afford for the house so we applied for finance confident there would not be a problem. I’m beginning to see just how slow and frustrating the whole building business can be. Ugh don’t talk to me about land and building I could write a book on all the hassles we have had over the years! Not sure where you live but I have the name of a builder who just built our place and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The cost to excavate a gentle sloping site will differ from a steep site and again we recommend you seek specialist advice.In most cases, there are no barriers to building on sloping sites. We settled on the land last week and in NSW you have 6 months from the date of settlement to commence the build to retain eligibility for stamp duty concessions. I went into the process with open eyes and knew all sorts of hurdles were common with a build but I still did not appreciate just how frustrating it can be until we were living it. I’d love to build a house one day, but it all seems kinda of daunting and complicated.
I loved building our own house, and don’t forget you can add things you want, eg more sockets, a bigger bath, little things that you might want to personalise!

Modern technology and foundation engineering is now very advanced but the more complex and sloping the site the more costly it will be to prepare for construction and services.Ask your building professional and question your council as to reports such as Geotech, PIM and LIM report.
I would love to one day build our dream home, or any home actually, anything would have to be better than our current shoebox!

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