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Once there was a community that was in existance for four decades and they were visited by a new emerging community, seeking advise on how best to get along together.
While the “big” topic (listed at the bottom of this page) is certainly communication, the practicals - when simplified, do make life easier.
Please make showers short; we are on a septic tank and it gets over loanded with all the shower water. This format is a way to bond our community by getting to know each other, understand what our individual needs are, develop a better understanding of how to communicate effectively with each other, hone our listening skills, practice making requests, addressing concerns that arise from a group living together, and sharing precious moments of understanding and compassion with those we are living with.
Here's a stylish ranch-style doghouse a beginning-to-intermediate woodworker can make for about $200.It’s made from three sheets of plywood and big enough for a large dog.

We understand that conflict in inevitable, and it is in how we connect to ourselves and those we live with that can bring compassion, understandings and resolve out of conflict.
If you experience a misunderstanding with someone here at Vivante (or in your world at large) and are having challenges with your communications please know you can have another member of the community be present to support all parties in being heard and understood. We further understand that discovering and growing our gifts and our tallents is life and it is up to us to support ourselves and each other in discovering all we can while here on this spinning globe. Should you have questions, suggestions, or experiences that would enhance how we live please DO share with us!
If you will not be available the week of your turn please make arrangements to trade with someone else.

The person giving the gift releases all privileges or rights for how this object is treated or its future fate.

Do it yourself large dog house
Lean to shed diy
Cedar oil wood finish


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