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If you have a yard, a garden, or simply a lot of extra stuff, a shed will prove to be a functional addition for your storage needs. By Michael Weishan Landscape architecture firm Horiuchi & Solien of Falmouth, Massachusetts, incorporated this shingled garden shed into a fenced vegetable garden. Categories best garden office, summerhouse, eco-friendly constructions and 'tardis'.Last year’s winner was Alex Holland from Machynlleth in mid Wales for his boat roofed shed. Those of you who’ve read my column on a regular basis know that I continually advocate making sure every element in your garden is cohesively chosen to conform to the style of your house.
Country Carpenters designs garden sheds and outbuildings appropriate for traditional New England properties.Of course, finding just the right design often isn’t easy, potentially even requiring custom construction, but frankly, care and attention spent now will save you a lot of headaches down the road.
Customizable designs are readily available from online sources, which then can be handed off to a local carpenter to build. I built all the structures in my yard from such kits, with a minimal amount of fuss, each in about a day.When buying a shed, be sure to choose one that’s as adaptable as possible.

Both structures started life as off-the-shelf kit sheds but were eventually converted to other purposes as my gardening needs and interests changed. As I became involved in raising heirloom chickens, for example, my slope-roofed shed ceased housing tools and, with the addition of some ventilation, became instead home to several dozen hens. It may sound strange, but good lighting is crucial to the proper utilization of a garden shed. And since most structures in the garden are far from an electricity source, ample natural light is key. Intended by the manufacturer as a gardener’s shed with potting bench where seedlings were meant to sprout, now heirloom hens contentedly bask in what has become a de facto avian solarium. Historically inspired hardware can enhance the traditional look of your garden shed, as these iron strap hinges and thumb latch by Acorn Manufacturing demonstrate. Add a bit of workspace for the odd garden chore or project, and suddenly you’re talking about a considerable amount of space.

Decide in advance what you plan to store in your shed, calculate the square footage, and then double it. I’m not sure why, but it’s a truism that sheds attract equipment like moths to a flame; the second you build one, it will be full. This often means additional construction in the form of pathways to provide access, fencing to frame or enclose the space, and planting to settle the structure into the garden, proving yet again that building a shed is not something to be undertaken lightly. But believe me, the first time you’re surprised by a spring shower and take refuge in your shed, surrounded by neat rows of implements snuggled safe and dry from the drops pitter-pattering on your new little roof, you’ll relax, look out over your tended plot, and breathe deeply of the sweet smell of gardening success.
For more tips and techniques of traditional gardening, follow Michael’s Old House, Old Garden blog.

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