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This machine is an articulating, 4WD tractor that uses 4 hydraulic motors for the drive mechanism. Now, since I have one of these tractors, and am familiar with the internal workings, this seemed VERY do-able. This would allow the tractor to not only turn right and left, but pivot horizontally to compensate for uneven ground.

We removed the cross member from my Ingersoll 4016, and installed it on the project tractor.
The FEL has served me well however the weight it places on the front axel of a garden tractor with manual steering has been less than ideal. We installed in on the tractor to take it up to the shop, and built a temporary winch system out of some scaffolding and an electric winch.

I figured I would pay $450 max, so I put in my bid, and when the auction was over, I was the proud owner of this beautiful tractor for a grand total of $406!!!

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