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Flax is especially grown in herb and flower gardens as an ornamental, particularly in borders, since the plant grows only a couple of feet tall and is in bloom for a long period. Ferry-Morse has been serving up the best in seed and gardening supplies for over 100 years, and we-footre proud to still be innovating and improving.
Getting married, which literally means living and getting along with a boy, doesn't sound like a bad idea in the end.
The lily is one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the garden and despite having a reputation for being "temperamental", lilies can actually be very easy to grow.

Whether you-footre looking for the finest in flowers or gourmet garden vegetables, you will find all your answers here.
Take a minute and explore the product categories to the right for planning and inspiration, or visit the Gardeners Corner for over a century-foots worth of wisdom.
It produces beautiful silky 3-4 inch brilliant blue flowers that shade garden enthusiasts really love. Ferry-Morse Seed Company offers gardener's over 350 varieties of flower, vegetable, and herb seed.

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