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As with many traditional joints, mortise and tenon joints can be cut using hand tools or with a variety of power tools. Many classic 18th century furniture pieces such as the Philadelphia Chippendale highboys, Sheraton desks and others feature these joints. The corner joint is commonly used for frame and panel sections such as raised-panel cabinet doors, or panel frames on chests. You1ll need a good square, marking gauge, brace and bit, mortise chisel, corner chisel and a smooth-cut backsaw.

An open-end mortise joint has the mortise all the way through the stock, allowing the end of the mortise to be exposed. By cutting a step in the tenon you create a haunched tenon that provides a good, strong joint used for frame construction. With the latter, a sturdy joint is created that can be tightened by driving the tapered stick further inward.
The open-end mortise joint disassembles quite easily by knocking the pin out and removing the tenon.

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