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Pergolas are freestanding structures that can be custom built to situate over patios, driveways, walkways and decks.
Like the aforementioned closed roof design, this option is an attached construction that is built onto the house. Vertical support posts enable climbing plants to intertwine and grow up the posts and across the overhead beams. The roof is a closed outer design that may be covered in shingles and from which a lighted ceiling fan may be hung from the exposed inner rafters.

Pergolas may be constructed of wood, vinyl, fiberglass or metal and come in an array of structural designs. This full enclosure not only offers protection from the elements, it also serves as a barrier against unwelcome insects and blowing leaves and keeps toddlers and pets corralled while playing in the fresh air. An open corner of the pergola can be partially enclosed with a lattice wall for additional shade and a privacy shield. This design offers the ultimate protection for outdoor furniture, cushions and area rugs, allowing for more luxurious seating and decorative options for your outdoor room.

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