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Also of note during our two weeks were those owls (especially the Barn Owl at Sonny Bono NWR and the responsive Whiskered Screech-Owl in Miller Canyon), 5 species of hummingbird (with Anna's almost everywhere), 13 woodpecker species (highlighted by Lewis's, White-headed, and Williamson's Sapsucker in CA; Arizona Woodpeckers and Gilded Flickers in AZ), no fewer than 6 thrasher species (with 5 of these at the famed Baseline Rd flats, along with a more cooperative Crissal at Estrella Park), and an impressive 25 sparrow species (with perhaps Rufous-winged, Brewer's, Sagebrush, Bell's, and Golden-crowned at the top of the list).
January 24 - Sierra Vista sewage ponds, San Pedro House, Paton's feeders, and Patagonia Lake State Park (dinner at Steak Out; drive to Tucson for first of 2 nights at La Quinta Airport).
January 25 - Florida Canyon, Madera Canyon, Amado sewage ponds, and Montosa Canyon (dinner at Claim Jumper). The San Jacinto Mountains above our base in Hemet was especially productive for woodpeckers, as we turned up a pair of White-headed Woodpeckers plus an unexpected Williamson's Sapsucker – and note that both species tend to be hard to find anywhere.

January 29 – Return to north jetty, Dog Beach, Sunset Cliffs Blvd, Cabrillo National Monument, return to plover-less San Dieguito River, and drive to Hemet for first of 2 nights at Quality Inn. We also came up with Red-breasted Sapsuckers, Pygmy Nuthatches, and other montane birds there, and it didn't take long the next day to find two cooperative Lewis's Woodpeckers in the foothills near Julian. Delta flight 3 hours late, with only time for brief visits to Famosa Slough and Dog Park; first of 3 nights in San Diego. Return to Santa Cruz flats, Madera and Florida canyons, and drive to Sierra Vista for first of 3 nights.

True, it was much drier than normal where we were, especially in CA where temperatures in the 80s on a few days made for some slow birding.

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