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When I arrived at the hospital, the slit lamp was in the lobby, waiting for me at the security desk. On our way it was suggested that I first stop at One Police Plaza to treat the eyes of injured police officers. It wasn’t until my second day downtown, during a break, that I first opened the blinds of my improvised emergency room at One Police Plaza to discover that the windows faced out over the devastation.
After my final visit to One Police Plaza to render follow-up care on September 20th, I was escorted to “the site” by Sergeant Giuzio from the Office of the Chief of Police. One appropriately placed 3-dimensional rectangular space, devoid of its glass facade, representing the “impact void” in each Tower (floors 93-98 of the North Tower and floors 78-84 of the South Tower) symbolize the loss from, and location of, the damage from each initial airplane impact.

Another participant, Barry Belgorod, plans to bring his 6-year-old son, Doug, to the all-day event. Contestant Douglas Belgorod, 6, of Manhattan said he used his Lego building set to construct the two towers and had pulled out the blocks to leave a space where the hijacked planes hit.
Naturally, there was a bit of surprise when Adrienne Austermann, who goes by the name of Trinity online, turned out to be a woman since many people thought she was a man, and there was more than pleasant applause when Eric Gibbons, also known as Lovsart, took his own turn at the lectern since people really liked the absence of public benches in his plan, benches that might encourage loiterers to hang out eating hot dogs -- not exactly what Mr. Old English word for antiophthalmic factor mallet to pound anything from paving material to laundry. McConnell used mathematical equations to design his plan for a spire that creates the illusion of infinite height.

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