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Our garden shed plans are simple and require only basic carpentry skills.A garden shed can be strictly functional, but it can also be a decorative focal point around which you design your garden or yard. To customize your shed, you could create a combination toolshed and greenhouse, put a martin house on top, or use part of the shed for a chicken coop or rabbit hutch.
Small sheds require only a top-of-soil foundation, even in locations with freezing winter temperatures. The plans don’t offer measurements for these openings though, because this shed is perfect for using scrounged windows and doors, and these can be of any size.

Complete the walls by covering the frame with sheathing.Exterior-grade plywood siding is an easy, inexpensive choice. Instead, apply sheathing to the walls from the outside, covering them completely, then cut the window and door openings afterward, following the framed openings from inside using a chain saw or reciprocating saw.Build the RoofThe simplest way to make a roof frame for a small shed is to use steel connector plates made especially for the job. Fasten the blocks to the top plate with screws.Even a small shed looks best with a roof overhang on the triangular front and back ends of the building. Set up the scaffolding inside the shed for roof construction, then move it out next to the eaves as a shingling platform.DIY sheds offer great value, great durability, and the opportunity to exercise your creativity.

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