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Before building your log cabin birdhouse you need to consider the species of bird that you're wanting to attract.
It's best to make sure you build the log bird house so that it has easy cleaning access, when the birds leave for the season, a good cleaning is in order for the next season.
It's easy to build a log cabin birdhouse, use can use twigs or even dow rods, found in the craft section.
You can even build a birdhouse with copper tubing, maybe a little expensive, more than likely it will come up missing anyhow.

So once you figure out how to build the birdhouse itself, all you have to do is hot glue your stained and treated twigs on. Follow our chart for birdhouse hole sizes and you will have your favorite feathered friend year after year! Especially a log cabin birdhouse, these birds are getting picky and they want a clean and fancy log cabin!
When you build your own cabin birdhouse make sure one side can be opened or the roof can lift up for easy access, also make sure you have a good closing method of some sort to keep out raccoons and squirrels.

To make birdhouse gourds you have to know the proper instructions for drying birdhouse gourds. There's no cardinal birdhouse plans, cardinals build cup nest on branches 2-10 feet off the ground.

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