Dovetail joint layout,diy armoire plans,wood fence hardware brackets - PDF 2016

In this layout, we see the tails more powerfully as an entity in plan, and the pins take on a finesse because they are smaller.
Probably the most dramatic version of the through joint is the hound’s tooth dovetail. This layout creates a boring pattern because the visual weight of each end grain is too similar.

One option that many woodworkers don’t take advantage of when cutting through dovetail joints is adjusting the layout, or the repeating pattern, of the tails and pins.
The vertical grain of the pins between the end grain of the tails is less refined than that on the layout below because the pins are so large.
Sometimes this is because they use a dovetail jig, and its cut spacing is fixed, but sometimes it is just because they don’t think of the opportunity to vary, not only the spacing and width of the tails and pins, but the depth as well.

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