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There are a number of excellent free backyard shed plans around, and if you are looking for a bit of inspiration on how to design your shed, searching the internet for plans that other people have come up with might allow you to really understand your own plan better. As you can see there is a good selection of free shed plans and blueprints on the Internet for a lot of different uses. The larger point here is that there are a lot of good ideas out there already for shed plans, and if you can not think of a good backyard shed plan on your own, then the next best thing is to look at what already works and then incorporate ideas from those working sheds into your own plan until you come up with a vision for what you want.  Lack of inspiration should never be a roadblock to developing your backyard shed plans because there are already so many good ideas available for free that you can find through a simple internet search.

This is a plan that is for your basic shed. The basic shed has a standard door on the front and one or two windows on the sides.
It has a gabled roof because these are the easiest kind to build. A lot of pre-assembled or pre-cut kits use this style of shed.
The nice thing about this is even the old plans are valid if you can find the design you want.

If you are interesting in purchasing plans you should look at this selection of garden shed plans.

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