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Remember that you have to use a good wooden board, otherwise your bird house might not be as durable as you plan. Step 4: Use a jigsaw or a circular saw to cut the sides and the front and back ends of the birdhouse.
Step 5: Mark the sides of the birdhouse on the wooden board and cut them in the same manner described above. Two nails for each side of the front gable end are enough to secure the birdhouse  properly.
Usually the location of the birdhouses should be towards the top of the front end, but you should set it according to your needs and testes.

After you have cut the round entrance, you should clean the birdhouse thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.
First, use a drill machinery and a small drill bit to make on pilot hole on each side of the birdhouse. In addition, make sure the wood is not treated with toxic substances, if you plan to install it in your backyard. If you haven’t built a birdhouse before or if you like our project, you should use the bird house plans you can see in the image.
Building birdhouses is easy if you have cut the wooden pieces at the right dimensions and use the right plans and techniques.

Nevertheless, you should know that you might secure the floor to the birdhouse by using hinges, if you want to have access to it anytime you want. Building birdhouses is a lot easier if you know its dimensions and design from the beginning of your project.
Nevertheless, before buying the materials or using waste pieces, you need to draw a plan, starting with the dimensions of the wooden bird house up to its final design.

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