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Okay, if you need some long tables to plane that 16' stock maybe you want to look at my idea.
To help with the snipe problem with my Woodmaster I raise the back ends of the tables about 6 inches and then when the board comes out of the planer the end will rise up and keep the other end down against the bed of the planer. Powertec planer blades dewalt dw733 - I needed new planer blades for a while but i didn't want to pay 60 bucks for a new dewalt set.
I've planed appox 400-500 LF of walnut and maybe 100LF of cherry on just one side of the blades and they are still cutting like they are new.

Unlike the DeWalt that the head moves up and down and the bed is stationary, the WM's bed is what moves. It's my first planer that ive owned but not my first time using one and all the other benchtop models i have used don't come close to the dewalt 735. Seeing this is my first planer, I'm not sure exactly how much I should get out of these but so far I'm pleased. I have crazy amounts of 16' or longer rough material to plane so I think an infeed table with the outfeed will help alot with snipe.

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