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I always order these legs from Amazon to fix, or heighten Mid-Century peices, and over the past couple of years I have bought at least 25 or more of these legs if not more.
I am looking for the brass cone shaped hollow pieces that go on the bottom quarter of the mid century legs on 2 end tables I bought for $7 each.
I grew up with a number of pieces that had legs more like the Waddell leg than the Burak leg, most purchased around the time of my parents’ 1955 wedding. I live in the UK and I am finding it very difficult to find round tapered wood legs like this. Finn Juhl was perhaps the founder of Danish furniture design and his Model 57 Sofa is as stylish today as it was more than 50 years ago when it debuted in Tivoli.

Good on you, Matthew Burak for jumping on this niche for supplies to make mid century modern furniture. They are unfinished, meaning you would have to paint or stain them yourself but 50 bucks for 4 legs is a bit much, if you ask me.
The sculptural lines of this classic Danish Modern sofa are accented by brushed stainless steel legs with wooden toes, and have a completely different look from all angles.
I have a vintage settee that sits too far down on the ground and i want to replace the legs!
I already have received an email from a reader who is a professional woodworker and who has just used the Burrak legs — I will ask him what he thinks of the difference.

A reader who is a professional woodworker already has sent me a photo of project using the Burak legs.

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