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As you can see, you walk out onto the lower patio (bottom right portion) and then can go up the stairs to the main area of the deck or turn left and go to the higher level where there used to be a hot tub. Welcome to the blog of a graphic designer, book enthusiast, home decor and fashion nerd, and runner extraordinaire.
The benches run along the bottom edge of the hot tub area and around the angled potions of the main deck, leaving very little room to put chairs, unless you want to block either the benches or the various sets of stairs or both. See, the geniuses who built this deck decided that the lower patio should be wood planks…sitting on the ground.

The good news is that I have the husband just about convinced that it would be best to paint the deck rather than stain it.
My plan is to rip that out and put in either a paver patio or stamped concrete patio…and extend it all the way to the corner of our lot.
Especially not since my dad is meticulous about the yard and deck and everything home maintenance-related at my parents’ house. I checked it out at Home Depot and it is a textured paint, which would be great for making a non-slip surface.

Armed with some wood cleaner (this one if you’re interested) and some scrub brushes, we stared down a few hours of (intense) manual labor.

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