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On examination, what I found was that one arm of the stand was badly bent, another slightly bent and the welds were broken on the hinges that connected the upper and lower parts of the stand. My version was slightly different in that it did not have the rounded curves at the top of the stand. This was a simple matter of fitting and attaching a new nylon strap and a bit of cord so that I could pull both foot straps up to slip my boots under them.  The rodents  had also taken hunks out of the seat and gnawed through the fabric in several places.

What was particularly bad about this was that now that Tree Lounge is no longer in business, there was no chance for me to get a new stand or replacement parts.
As a measure of economy, Tree Lounge stuck with one size of 1-inch square aluminum tubing for their stands, so far as I have seen. This is handy because replacing broken or bent segments can be made with 1-inch outside dimension steel tubing or pipe or the wooden tomato stake that I employed.

To extend the life of these stands, keep them out of sunlight and do not leave them in the woods all year.

6x4 metal shed base
Shed blueprints 16 x 24
Free shed plans 2 story
Shed plans cost estimator


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