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Cleaning outdoor furniture mildew is one aspect of maintenance that extends the life of your furniture.
Resin patio chairs are an inexpensive way to have durable high quality furnishings on your patio. Outdoor patio furniture is a great element to any backyard; after all, summer weather is all about barbecues and spending time outdoors.
One of the best ways to maintain your outdoor patio furniture is by cleaning it on a regular basis. If you’re concerned about your outdoor patio furniture getting worn or damaged, try investing in a furniture cover. Find a large selection of outdoor furniture covers for tables, chairs, barbeque grills, chaise lounges, firepits and more.

Huge range of PVC pipe furniture, recycled plastic outdoor furniture styles for deck, patio, pool, garden and lawn. The only downside to outdoor or wicker patio furniture is that it requires more maintenance than regular furniture. Although covers will not protect your wood, metal, plastic or wicker patio furniture from the heat, they will certainly help reduce water penetration as well as damage from UV rays. Unfortunately, outdoor patio furniture is subject to elements and we all know how Mother Nature can spring a thunderstorm on us at any time.
Whether you have wood, metal, plastic or wicker patio furniture, ensure you are familiar with the proper care guidelines. Wood and metal furniture should be scrubbed with a sponge; they can also be wiped down and pressure-washed – just be careful not to peel off any paint.

Just make sure if you are choosing a repellent, to avoid any with high percentages of oil, as this can attract and stick dirt and debris to your furniture. Wicker patio furniture can also be vacuumed with a brush attachment, which will help ensure any and all dirt is removed from the pliable weaves.
Regardless of material, try to use gentle cleaners and avoid harsh ones, such as bleach, unless previously tested.

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