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Simple to use no matter what your level of Bootstrap knowledge is from beginners to experts. Use this Bootstrap Starter Kit to put together a fantastic website of your own, made up of professionally designed and built Bootstrap Content Blocks.
With a real simple Drag-&-Drop HTML Builder, you'll be able to piece together any number of these amazing content blocks for a fabulous website. In just minutes, you can put together a responsive website, perfectly suited for viewing on any device. Normally, you'd pay $28 for this fabulous website-building tool, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get the Bootstrap Starter Kit for only $14! That's a savings of 50% off the regular price!
MightyDeals is a daily deal website that offers massive discounts for web and creative professionals. Sadly, the sheer extent of its feature set appeals to the lazier aspects of human nature, and many of the people who choose to use it stick with the defaults.
Evaluate your individual projects; perhaps Bootstrap’s default typography is right for you, but the color scheme and grid aren’t, maybe you need different icons. These are fully-fledged mods that take the basic bootstrap UI and turn it into something almost unrecognizable. Created for those who love flat design — as opposed to Bootstrap’s somewhat skeuomorphic tendencies — each UI element has been re-designed from the ground up with a brand new aesthetic. With vector icons, a new glyph icon font, custom UI elements (like a to-do list) and multiple easily changed color schemes, Flat UI has made me, and likely many others, rethink what Bootstrap can look like. My one pet peeve: the text size for your basic paragraph element is a little small for a website.

Flat UI is free, but you can pay for a pro version with extra elements, functionality, and PSD files. Bootstrap might be intended for use in applications, but it needs a bit of work if you intend to make a classic “admin interface” with it. Some people love it, and many detest it with a passion; but there’s no denying that Windows 8 and its Metro UI have caused a stir in the design world. Fortunately for us, there are quite a few Bootstrap theme makers that were created for this purpose specifically. Bootstrap Magic is the tool to use if you want to do an in-depth rebranding of the framework.
Suffice it to say that there are things that Bootstrap doesn’t have that you might find useful. Bootsnipp is a library of HTML snippets designed to work with Bootstrap, presumably without adding any extra libraries.
Just throwing it out there, if you’re looking at Bootstrap you should probably also check out Foundation 4. Foundation’s JS libraries are far superior imo and there is as much if not more functionality as Bootstrap.
I recomend Flatstrap, which not only flattens Bootstrap but gets rid of the rounded corners. It’s set as a block and duplicated, then a CSS transition moves it up in conjunction with the duplicate, making it appear to be rotating. I’m a complete novice here, not a designer or coder, but simply want to put together a basic one page website for my small business.

This site is dedicated to my wife, Linda Sue, who has debated this issue with me for the last 31 years.
This kitchen-sink-included pile of code has made the design and development of many an app (and website) a lot easier, and popularized the massive HTML framework as a byproduct. They’ve even provided a basic customization tool on their website that allows you to edit all of the variables as needed.
And man, some truly impressive designers and developers have stepped up by creating mods and tools that leave the rest of us with no excuses. Identify the places where Bootstrap falls short of your needs, and take a look at the following resources. You could edit all of the variables in the customization app on the Bootstrap website, but you’ll need to know the HEX codes for all of the colors, and you don’t get any visual feedback as you make changes.
Well, now with this incredible Bootstrap Starter Kit you can easily put together a great website of your own. Bootply makes it easier to build and customize Bootstrap sites using drop in code snippets and clean HTML. Using the simple Drag-&-Drop HTML Builder, you can mix and match various Bootstrap Content Blocks to put together unlimited website layouts.

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