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Large Dog House PlanThis large doghouse plan is well laid out with diagrams, a cutting list and step by step instructions.
Cedar Dog House PlansThis is a very attractive cedar dog house plan that would fit a medium size dog. Build a Dog HouseLowe's gives an intermediate skill level plan so you can build a dog house. Dog House DesignLowe's gives another intermediate skill level dog house plan with a cut list, detailed instructions and some nice diagrams that can be expanded.

Making a Custom Dog HouseRon Hazelton has a nice custom dog house plan with a video and step by step instructions. How to Build a Dog HouseThis is a plan for an insulated dog house with a small front porch. Do It Yourself Dog HouseThis DIY dog house from the DIY network includes a short video, instuctions and some pictures. Building a Dog House Interactive VideoI really like this interactive Building a Dog House Video from Ace Hardware.

These Dog House Plans include: a large dog house plan, a cedar dog house plan, how to build a dog house, making a custom dog house, do it yourself dog house plan and several good doghouse building videos. So if you allow your dog to sleep in the house you might think of building one of these cozy beds for them.

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