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To dig in raised garden beds, we needed only four tools: a fork, a rake, a shovel and a hand trowel — all inexpensive. While the garden beds (carrots, beets, turnips, cole crops, chard, spinach, etc.) were protected on top with a foot of hay, the frost froze the moist earth in the wide paths between the beds, attacking the roots from below. The Cautious Approach to Building Raised Garden BedsIf you're not ready to commit yourself to raised-bed gardening without some evidence that it works, try the following experiment: Mark out one or two plots in your garden (make them about 4-by-8 or 4-by-12 feet) and — using a four-tined garden fork or an iron bar — loosen the soil as deeply as you can drive in the tool. And, once again, if you loosen the soil within the bed with a fork or iron bar before digging the paths, the plants' roots will have easier access to the needed nutrients.
We plan to avoid a recurrence of that problem by lining our new raised beds with plastic-foam insulation before filling them with the compost materials. If not, you can simply sheet-compost by adding organic materials such as grass clippings, kitchen garbage, wood ashes, sawdust, leaves and rotted manure to the bed areas before covering them with the new earth.

Cover the last compost-filled trench with the extra soil from the wheelbarrow, then line the bed with boards, rocks or logs, or simply leave it mounded. The worked beds will likely be a few inches higher than the surrounding compacted soil, but they may not be high enough to warrant borders of planks or logs. We're careful to hand-pick all rocks out of the bed so the plants' roots won't have those obstacles to deal with, and to remove any roots — especially grass roots — that are likely to continue growing and choke our crops. The Deep-Bed Method (Deep-Compost Method)When we learned that a tomato plant's roots will reach 5 feet into the earth if not blocked by hardpan, that lettuce roots can plunge as deep as 8 feet, and that beet roots may descend to 10 feet, we decided to dig our beds 2 feet deep, at least, and then pile the mound at least one foot above ground.
The insulation could be used to cover the top of the beds, and may be no more expensive than hay or plastic in some areas where the former costs $8 or more per bale.
Then again, you might want to outline them anyway, if only to remind yourself to avoid stepping inside the beds. That gives the roots a minimum of 3 feet in which they can easily reach the nutrients necessary to build healthy plants. The bed caps shown in the illustration in the Image Gallery are designed for short crops only.
I'm confident that anyone with a few square feet of garden space, no matter how poor the soil, can raise more than $2 worth of food on each of those square feet each year if they build raised garden beds similar to those described here. It's well worth the expense, considering the better food, the reduction in pest and disease problems and the enormous yields that result from the extra-deep beds.
After the beds are dug, we fill each 24-foot-long, 3-foot-wide plot with organic matter and allow it to slowly decompose over the months and years. What with all the work of transferring our belongings, there wasn't time to spare for digging garden beds before planting. The new beds didn't have the depth of compost — and therefore the level of production — that our former plot had enjoyed, but the method did allow us to harvest yields larger and heavier than the conventionally grown gardens around us.
When we have the time, we'll dig down and fill the bed with compost and organic materials as described later in this article, but the shortcut method for building raised garden beds has proven to be an effective way to get going on raised beds without a whole lot of work, and to quickly produce a more attractive, more productive and more easily cared for garden. The first dump-truck load was simply dropped at the approximate site of the bed-to-be; we then had to shovel the soil into its proper place.

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