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Hi Steve, I've torn out several just like that where water had seeped it's way back to the tub deck and rotted the wood so you have to be careful. It might be best to build a short pony wall on top of the seat (4 to 6 inches)for the glass to sit on.
If you elect to use the liquid applied (RedGard), I'd very strongly recommend you also use a fabric reinforcement at all corners of that bench or even over the entire bench area. You don't need plywood on the front of your bench and you wanna notch the framing there for the pan liner just as you will for the other walls.

I built it out of wood (see other photo) - but am pausing as I consider waterproofing details. Make sure it's all watertight with the membrane on the seat and top of the pony wall sloped toward the shower. I planned on cutting the bench section down a couple of inches so I can rebuild with proper slope. If the seat and tub deck are framed and built as one, I always tear the seat side down lower by a couple inches so my moisture membrane has a 2 inch vertical lip to keep the moisture in.

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