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Brown Maple is the "heart wood" (wood towards the center of a tree) of various soft maple trees and not a specific species of tree. The sapwood of American beech is white with a red tinge, while the heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. Mahogany varies from yellowish, reddish, pinkish, or salmon colored when freshly cut, to a deep rich red, to reddish brown as the wood matures with age. The sapwood of black walnut is nearly white, while the heartwood is light brown to dark, chocolate brown, often with a purplish cast and darker streaks. The hickory tree is predominately cultivated in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas throughout the United States.

The sapwood of elm is nearly white, while the heartwood is light brown to brown with a reddish tinge. For example, if you type "Stain to be determined, please send medium stains on Oak", we will send 3 or 4 medium stains on Oak for you to choose from.
The difference being that it contains more "sap wood" and mineral deposits or "pitting" as shown in the sample below. Care is needed in gluing, but the wood finishes well with paint or transparent finishes.American Beech scores 1300 on the Janka hardness scale. We are currently working with our stainer to achieve results similar in appearance to Cherry but without the added Cherry cost.

Distressing can be applied to a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic and paint.
Mahogany is regarded by many as the world's premier wood for fine cabinetry, high-class furniture, trimming fine boats, pianos and other musical instruments, interior trim, and carving.

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