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The week before last, we capped off our eventful fall with NMSC’s co-sponsorship of the first White House Convening on Rural Placemaking in partnership with the White House Rural Council and the Project for Public Spaces. A special thank you to Joe Borgstrom of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Mary Helmer of Main Street Alabama, Gayla Roten of Missouri Main Street Connection, and Mickey Howley of Water Valley Main Street (Mississippi),  for bringing eloquence and passion in sharing their good work with the attendees.
Establish a collaborative peer-sharing network so we can learn of and from each other’s efforts, challenges, success stories, and best practices. Moving forward, NMSC will play a lead role in continuing these conversations and working to implement the work outlined during the convening.
Preservationists across Mississippi and the professionals who lend their expertise to saving the state’s past say they are encouraged by support key legislators have signaled for renewing historic preservation tax credits in the 2016 session. The credits are like gold to property owners and developers who can use them to defray 25 percent of the cost, primarily for construction, of a historic preservation. While the Mississippi Heritage Trust in October deemed the future of the credits doubtful enough to land them on the 2015 endangered list, 2016 is shaping up as a year of new life for the fund that ran out of money early in 2015. Todd Sanders, tax incentives coordinator for the state Department of Archives and History, said his department is hoping for a $120 million allocation, but will rely on the lobbying of preservation attorneys such as Steven Hendrix to seek the funding.
The 15-year allocation period for the tax credits may set off a rush to get them before they run out. Farr said another positive of a 15-year life for the credits is the likelihood that a showing of successful restorations around the state could help persuade legislators to replenish the fund before the end of the 15 years. For much of small town Mississippi, historic tax credits are about the only economic development incentive available, she said. The threshold of $5,000 for project eligibility makes them especially attractive to property owners who want to fix up buildings on small town main streets throughout Mississippi, and can include everything from roof replacements to new heating and air conditioning components, Stewart said. In Greenville, the tax credits allow Bill Boykin to see a new commercial life for the circa 1940s Sears building, a three-story structure that anchors downtown and stayed vacant for 20 years until Boykin bought it from the city three years ago. Together, the state historic preservation tax credits and federal credits can cover up to 45 percent of a preservation project’s cost, primarily for construction, with 25 percent coming from the state credits and the remaining from the federal credits.
The projects, Howley said, have created space in 120-year-old buildings for four Main Street businesses that employ 28 people.
The waiting also continues in Gulfport, where Neil and Mike Juneau have ambitious plans for converting the buildings and grounds that made up the former Veterans Hospital into the Centennial Plaza mixed-use waterfront project anchored by a Holiday Inn Resort. The guest speaker, introduced by long-time Main Street supporter and former state Main Street official Billy Wiseman, in addition to serving as current president of the Mississippi Main Street Association, is Senior Vice-President and Western Region Retail Administrator for Renasant Bank and has been active in the Main Street program for several years.
The Service Award, given for service to and support of downtown efforts went to the Pilot Club of New Albany with Duke noting their especially valuable work on the farmer’s market and second Saturday programs. The Revitalization Award went to Chuck and Rhonda Cooper for their renovation of the former Winders Hardware building to serve as the new Van-Atkins Jewelers. In a brief business session, president Bob Spencer said one board position needed to be filled. Spencer also noted that board member Benny Rakestraw will be going off the board at the end of the year when he retires as Fifth District Supervisor. Call it placemaking or community building or whatever, but it is about making your town a good place for all who live there. We look forward to announcing this year’s winners in May 2016 at the National Main Streets Conference in Milwaukee.

With the University of North Georgia located right in their own backyard, Dahlonega Main Street recognized what an asset they had and has worked closely with the University to offer classes for business owners on marketing, business planning and financing among other topics. Once home to the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos MainStreet continues to build on the city’s reputation as a hub for innovation and invention. The Valley Building, located on the corner, boats views of the Mississippi River from its top floors.
Next, Laurel Machine & Foundry was created to supply parts for the wagon and William H.
Vendors from several states, artists, crafters and craftsmen set up shop in the streets of downtown Laurel for this one day event. From mid-morning to late-afternoon love and loss, memories and tall tales will fill the empty spaces between the towering downtown buildings as musicians and songwriters display their hearts and talents for the entranced festival-goers. Soon – the 2015 Loblolly Festival will be a recent memory, but for now, there is still time to experience the fun and nostalgia as we celebrate our storied past and enjoy our artful, musical, delicious present. Join us for the 2015 Loblolly Festival in downtown Laurel, Saturday, October 3rd from 9am till 5pm!
Thank you to Erin from Laurel's own Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence for designing our beautiful logo, many of our event graphics and t-shirts and our lovely downtown signage. A former Philadelphia Main Street director has been named coordinator for the Mississippi Main Street Association.
In her new job, Pair will oversee administration of the organization as well as act as a liaison to our board of directors, statewide partners and the National Main Street Center. She got her start as a local Main Street manager when she answered an ad in the paper for the job in Philadelphia about 15 years ago. Pair is also a nationally certified Main Street Professional and has done work for Main Street associations in other states. Stacy will oversee administration of the organization as well as act as a liaison to our board of directors, statewide partners and the National Main Street Center. We are excited about the new direction the organization is taking and look forward to great things happening in our communities.  Stay tuned for additional updates in the near future!
As he traveled the country in a new career, scouring for deals on antiques, invariably vinyl would be a part of the equation. I came over the next week and was awestruck with this incredible building,” Clark said of the facility, which became the fourth Ford dealership in the country in the early part of the 20th Century. All of us at the National Main Street Center are thankful to you, our members, for your passion and commitment to creating more prosperous and engaged downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts, and your participation in this dynamic network of professionals dedicated to creating healthier communities. Additionally, our partners at Project for Public Spaces created a fun Storify piece covering the convening, which you can see here.
Hendrix, formerly of Forman Watkins & Krutz and now with Butler Snow, did not respond to requests for an interview. But, Farr said, the time span will give new projects an opportunity to vie for the credits. Sony Pictures Imageworks and visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston, Oscar winners for their innovative work, help bring the story vividly to the screen in full CG animation through Imageworks’ next-generation motion capture process that allows live-action performances to drive the emotions and movements of the digital characters. He has served on the Gulfport Planning Commission for 11 years, is on the board of directors for the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic and is active in the Mississippi Main Street Association.

Since some of the board don’t have manager experience, Smith said they help provide needed information to the board. Attorney Thad Mueller’s term was expiring but he recommended Mueller for another three-year term and said Mueller, who serves as treasurer, will willing to serve again. The people there were not only White House policy types but folks from government agencies like the Budget Office, US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Transportation, National Endowment for the Arts, Environmental Protection Agency, US Economic Development Administration, US Housing and Urban Development, Appalachian Regional Commission, and the Delta Regional Authority. Mason invented a process to create a hardboard from the waste provided by the mills, supplying the little piney woods town with more jobs and more opportunities for growth.
Phil Bryant announced the formation of the Katrina Remembrance Commission (KRC) in March 2015 to help mark the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And for many of those, the storm and possible future storms was a solid reason for leaving, but not the only reason for moving here. O’Bryan does not charge Clark for rent or utilities, instead taking a share of record sales.
Okay, that might be an overstatement, but we’re certainly cutting edge and one of the first. Santa and his helpers greet passengers at the North Pole and then board the train, where each child is given the first gift of Christmas – a silver sleigh bell. There’s no assigned seating and just like when I was a kid running for the back seats on the bus, I go for the rear.
That any number of things can be done quicker, cheaper, and faster (not forgetting quality though!) that can make a place better. And good folks from non-profits like National Main Street, Project for Public Spaces, the Orton Foundation, Recast City, Strong Towns, Smart Growth America, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the Rural Policy Research Institute. The commission is chaired by Haley and Marsha Barbour and is co-chaired by the mayors and presidents of the boards of supervisors in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties.
Chandler thought as the Valley action was the subject for the first film and there are 2 more based here films to be released and all have connection to our Main Street, it would be great location. That if you want to look for innovative change, to folks willing to try things, small is where it is at. Have lunch at the BTC Grocery or Crawdad Hole, and start searching for vinyl while sipping on some brew. And with boats and jet skis, they and their fellow first responders systematically combed their districts for people and brought them to safety. With his dexterous bucket truck booming for the shot, it all went smooth and the Main Street was not blocked for any great length of time. Made the Valley their home and joined with like-minded others here in moving the place forward with the attitude that things work best when we all work together.

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