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For over 46 years, the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving continues to be the ultimate destination for excitement. If snow falls this winter, do you have the skills needed to combat the challenging icy roads?
Winter weather can kill battery life, but we’ve teamed up with an RAC patrol to bring you some top tips to keep starting in the cold. In 1988, this very Ferrari Testarossa starred in an Autocar comparison and just happened to be owned by the father of Andrew Frankel, who takes it for a blast after tracking it down 27 years later. George Barris was memorialized by family and friends on Saturday, but one of the nicest tributes was the parking lot at Forest Lawn, which was a rolling tribute to the custom art to which Barris had dedicated his life.

Product is used for high capacity vehicles and operate regularly such as truck, ship and passenger car.
Recognized as the world leader in driving training, Bondurant is open year-round, training aspiring race car drivers, performance enthusiasts, current racers, executives, teens and anyone looking to improve their car control skills. An intensive winter driving course could combat the fear of driving in such challenging conditions, making life that bit easier when the snow and ice arrive. All parts of your car need looking after as the winter weather gets colder and colder, but none more so than your battery.
Back in 1988, testing a Ferrari in Britain was up there with cracking time travel, proving Fermat’s last theorem and anyone other than McLaren winning a grand prix: theoretically feasible but almost impossible aims.

At an inaugural event held in Ypsilanti, Mich., the brand brought together all of the Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles from the Japanese, American, and European markets.
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