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When a lead acid battery is charged it turns some of the water back to Hydrogen and Oxygen. The battery in the smart fortwo has a pipe leading from the battery to the outside of the car. Some battery chargers have a desulfation setting that attempts to break down the crystals on the plates. As I have previously said, batteries contain acid and it won't do you any favours if you get it on your skin or in your eyes so be careful and any safety wear like goggles or gloves would be a bonus. Once you have unscrewed the lids, look inside and you should see a maximum level indicator. It goes without saying that you should take it to the dump so it will be dealt with properly. If it's a serviceable battery, the ONLY thing to add is water, and it's done by removing the snap-on or screw-on service caps. A car battery has six cells in it (each cell is roughly 2 volts, and the six cells therefore add up to 12 volts). About the only way to lose the sulfuric acid is to have it physically spill out of the battery. If you've spilled out a bunch of the electrolyte, then adding water will help, but you will probably need to have some sulfuric acid added back into it to get the balance of water and sulfuric acid back to the proper level.
While some water loss is normal, overcharging the battery will cause it to electrolyze the water into hydrogen and oxygen much faster, which will result in excessive water loss from the battery. Maintenance free battery featuring an authentic look, using the same cases, top covers and removable vent caps as your orginal assembly line battery. A group of five Middle Tennessee State University students and their engineering professor, Dr. An un-named backer has stepped forward with reportedly strong support to see the idea through for fleet use initially.
The system is estimated to add maybe $3,000 to the cost of a vehicle and could be used around town to augment mileage by at least 50 percent, if not run in all-electric mode for 100-percent fuel savings.

Perry holds the Russell Chair of Manufacturing, and has previously come up with 40 patented ideas while working 28 years for IBM.
The Honda test mule uses lithium-ion batteries to drive two 200-pound-feet torque three-phase DC brushless permanent magnet motors on the rear wheels that are much like the Protean motors reported yesterday, and which in fact are a very old idea dating back to the early 20th century, and now revived. His financial backer is “totally committed to us,” he said, and will accompany him on presentations seeking further support. Hyundai believes the way people interact with their cars is about to change with the help of wearable electronics.
This is only really effective on newly flattened batteries and even after desulfation, it will never hold the same charge. Did you physically look at it to verify that it is low on electrolyte or is the battery just low on capacity? But more importantly, watering must be done at the right time and in the right amount or else the battery's performance and longevity suffers. Charles Perry, are seeking to transition their bolt-on plug-in hybrid system from a proven concept in the field to a commercially viable product. It would appear that it would work easily with rear disc since the kit rotor would serve as a platform for the rear disc to mount on .
So surely it makes more sense to look after what you have, save yourself money and not fill your municipal dump with acid filled boxes.
The lead sulfate turns into crystals on the lead plates which reduces the amount of surface area in contact with the acid. Luckily enough it is only the water that is used and not the acid so you can top up the fluid to maintain the battery.
If you have a lot of current going through the battery, some of the water is going to electrolyze into hydrogen and oxygen, which will bubble up out of the electrolyte and can escape through the battery fill covers. Don't try adding sulfuric acid yourself unless you happen to own a hydrometer to check the acid level (and you know how to use it). If you spilled some of the electrolyte you'll want to replace it with the proper mix of water and sulfuric acid, but water will do until you can take it into a shop that has sulfuric acid available.

In any event even at 3k, this kit is a steal since given an electric brushless motor will likely last the not only the lifetime of a car, but the person. Since my car has a battery pacck and controllers would your system work someday on my car as Toyota has decided to not pursue plug in cars but manufacture a Hyddrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2015. This type of water loss is perfectly normal, and the solution is to simply add more water through the fill caps. I know there are millions out there who would go crazy for the opportunity to help get your invention to the open public market. A battery that has been flattened will only hold about 50% of the amperage yet the voltage will remain the same and it will seem to charge OK. As the battery discharges, both plates turn into lead sulfate and the sulfuric acid turns into water. If it has been low on electrolyte for a very long time, the plates may be damaged and you may be better off just replacing the battery. I have been doing my own brakes for about 25 years and can see that you have thought this through so as to make for an easy installation. Possibly only replacing the battery pack, and maybe have an adapter plate for the rear wheel bolt pattern. When you recharge the battery, the plates again turn into lead and lead oxide and some of the water turns back into sulfuric acid. By the way, if you want to try your invention on an older vehicle, my 1984 toyota van would love to volunteer Have you considered how this concept might transfer its benefits to a houseboat scenario?
This invention could be pure gold when you amortize the cost, benefit over the life of the owner. I have a 2002 Lexus RX 300 (AWD) and believe it would be a perfect vehicle for your application.

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