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Except for use as a normal Batter Charger, this circuit is perfect to ‘constant-charge’ a 12-Volt Lead-Acid Battery, like the one in your flight box, and keep it in optimum charged condition. The above circuit is a precision voltage source, and contains a temperature sensor with a negative temperature coeficient. This Battery Charger is centered around the LM350 integrated, 3-amp, adjustable stabilizer IC. The LM350’s ‘adjust’ pin will try to keep the voltage drop between its pin and the output pin at a constant value of 1.25V.

Depending on what type of transistor you use for Q1, the pads on the circuit board may not fit exactly (in case of the BD140).
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Meaning, whenever the surrounding or battery temperature increases the voltage will automatically decrease.
Example, if your input voltage will be 24 volt, your C1 should be able to carry at least 50V.

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To prevent that sensor Q1 is warmed up by its own current draw, I recommend adding a cooling rib of sorts.

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