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If you are looking for a used, refurbished or reconditioned lift truck battery, or battery handling equipment, you have come to the right place. Contact us with the year, make and model of the fork lift truck, pallet jack or other material handling equipment for which you need a battery and we will get back to you with availability and price. Much publicity, high hopes, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been devoted to the Better Place electric-car service.
Now, with an apparent dearth of Israeli customers to sign on the dotted line, the company is turning over its management. Kaplinksy had run Better Place Israel since 2008, and was promoted just last month to deputy CEO of the entire Better Place company. Charismatic founder Shai Agassi resigned in early October; he was replaced by Evan Thornley, previously CEO of Better Place Australia.
While executive turnover is often a given at venture-funded startups, Better Place’s core problem stems from its inability to convince Israelis to sign up for its service.
As of the end of October, just 490 cars had been sold after several months of marketing–making its target of 4,000 customers by next June a stretch goal at very best. Local press reports said that many Israeli drivers, doing the math, concluded that even the least expensive Better Place plan provided more miles than they were likely to use–and cost more than an equivalent gasoline car.

In September, the company launched a new, less costly plan that includes only 7,500 miles a year.
Other potential customers reportedly express skepticism and reluctance to be the first on the block to try the service. According to Haaretz, 38 of the planned 45 battery-swap stations have now been built in Israel. The Fluence ZE is the sole car built today that permits the battery pack to be swapped out at any of the Better Place network of swap stations. Better Place continues to own the car’s battery pack, which it leases to its customers. The company agreed to buy 100,000 Fluence ZE models from Renault by 2016, but is now reportedly renegotiating that commitment.
The Fluence ZE is built only to order, in batches, and was apparently not included in a recent update of the rest of the Fluence range for 2013.
Despite its challenges in Israel, Better Place is continuing to roll out its service in Denmark and Australia.
But Better Place overall has now lost $490 million on investments of $750 million since 2007.

Its cashflow problems have worsened recently as it increased spending to attract new customers and support existing ones during the third quarter of 2012.
When a recent effort to raise 200 million euros from institutional investors failed, it asked for $150 million more in funds from its current investors–but was granted only $100 million. At least one analyst, IDC’s Sam Jaffe, argues that the problem is not in either the service or the cost but in the Better Place distribution model in Israel.
In that country, he says, Better Place must either take on entrenched leasing companies head-on or split more profits with them in their current role as its distribution partners.
Our modern shops are equipped with the latest equipment and computerized charging and discharge testing. In both countries, it says the electricity it provides for recharging will be from entirely renewable sources.

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