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With the Solar Powered Battery Charger you can make using rechargeable batteries a step more environmentally friendly.
A flexible rollup solar panel that can recharge AA batteries and any portable device that has a USB charger socket. A solar-powered insect killer that will kill most types of flying insect, typically the ones that bite! An inexpensive way of reusing water from your bath or washing up bowl into the garden for watering the plants. A hybrid solar-powered charger featuring a case made from a highly durable magnesium alloy. A low energy security light that can be powered by rechargeable batteries, and triggers the 5 bright LEDs when motion is detected. Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. Notice: Please be advised that only post services such as China Post, EMS are permitted to deliver private packages to Russia.
We have introduced many nice power banks, but if you want an eco-friendly and elegant option, the following Magma solar powered backup battery may be able to draw your more attention.
The Magma is an environment-friendly solar charger that comes in two versions including Magma mini and Magma Pro.
Below is a schematic of a full automatic NiMH battery charger circuit using positive integrated voltage regulator IC 7805 which is porviding a constant current to charge the batteries.
Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often.

To demonstrate the theory and operation of a solar battery charger through circuit calculations. Problem: If the motor runs until the battery is dead, how long will it run from a fully charged battery?
Problem: If the total run time from a fully charged battery is 205 hours and the battery rating is 1845 mAh, what is the current draw of the motor. Problem: If the battery is dead, how long will it take to fully charge it with the solar panel? So, current from the panel minus current used by the motor equals current delivered to the battery. If the battery was dead when charging started, how long will it take to fully charge the battery? If the battery recharging efficiency is actually 70% of the current load delivered to it, how long will it take to recharge the battery? Commercial solar battery chargers are more complex than any of the ones show here, even number 4. Able to be transported with you the charger allows you to be able to charge up your batteries in places without a standard electricity supply, or simply help you use less mains electric by charging your batteries through solar power.
It also comes with a collection of connectors for commonly used portable electronics such as Nokia phones, portable CD players and portable hand held game devices.  The charger is shaped to include a handle in its design to help it be carried easily. Unfortunately though it can charge 4 batteries at a time it can only charge the same type (e.g. We provide dual port car charger of highest quality in our shop, the material of dual port car charger usb are of the top class, to ensure safe charging of the car. Pledging $59 will let you own Magma mini solar powered backup battery ($99 for its Pro version).

If there is a loss of 0.5 mA from the battery back into the solar panel, how long will the motor run from a fully charged battery?
The solar panel has been built into the lid of the device with the main body of the device to take the batteries requiring charging. Therefore, the realistic charging time of a battery is greater than the time calculated in 9. The loss in this circuit is trivial but in commercial systems it is important to stop this loss.
The charger can be positioned at an angle due to its adjustable stand so the solar panels can take full advantage of any sunlight around. Wholesale dual port usb charger are relatively cheap, it would not cost you too much to get a top quality one in our shop.
The circuit maintains one’s position current the few , for feed give the circuit randoms voltage battery.
It is estimated it would take 9-11 hours for 4 x 1500mA D batteries to become fully charged.
All these charge times though are subject to the light levels where the charger has been placed. That want power supply give the circuit all the time , thus should choose battery at have many capacity such as , 40Ah sizes etc. Though this is not a quick charger it does use an eco-friendly energy source and would help top up a rechargeable battery’s charge when out away from mains electricity.

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