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The iMars also features a special storage charge function to partially recharge your batteries prior to storage, which increases the batteries life span. The included balance connector adapter boards allow the built-in balancers to be used with 2-6S Gens ACE compatible balance connectors as well as the JST-XH balance connectors found on many other brand batteries.
Advanced Storage Mode function for LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe batteries will automatically charge or discharge as needed to achieve storage level voltage.
12 user-programmable memories plus built-in data logging and viewing with internal resistance measurement, battery voltage, input voltage, temperature, and more.? Fully adjustable charge capacity limit, per call end voltage and low voltage cutoff settings for all chemistries to maximize safety, charge and discharge performance.
If your Panasonic shaver is no longer holding its charge or is not powering up at all, then it may be time to get the batteries replaced.

The charger has 12 user memory profiles so that different settings for different battery packs can be stored for convenient fast charging. Until such time that a less restrictive policy can be implemented consistent with international standards, and in accordance with UPU (Universal Postal Union) GensAceUSA will not ship lithium batteries that are not permitted in international mail in addition to Alaska and Hawaii.
The charger comes pre-programmed with several memories to suit the most popular battery types. The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) regulation for shipping Lithium batteries has taken notice of the additional hazard material handling in which GensAceUSA opt to act accordingly. This will prevent any express shipments listed by the suppliers above from shipping UPS and USPS 1 day and 2 day air. This does not include shipments involved within the continental United States by USPS or UPS ground.

GensAceUSA supports regulations consistent with ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods in order to fulfill the concerns of maintaining the highest safety to both the shipment carriers and our consumers.
Shipping and Handling fees are charged for both domestic and international orders on all orders. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers assume no liability for failure to comply with the warnings and safety guideline when using lipo battery. Before operating lipo battery, please read and comply to ALL Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Warnings.

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