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Below is a schematic of a full automatic NiMH battery charger circuit using positive integrated voltage regulator IC 7805 which is porviding a constant current to charge the batteries. Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often.
Our experience so far with GP batteries has shown that some models are performing great while others not so well, so it will be interesting to see to which group we can add these batteries. They are rated at 2500 mAh typical and 2450 mAh minimal capacity, though our test results show a bit different picture and in order to avoid a possible mistake we even repeated the tests 3 times and got pretty much the same results.
These are sub 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries they will probably have a hard time at our 2A constant current load test, but they should handle well at lower rates. Hopefully the even higher capacity GP NiMH batteries will be able to provide better results than what we’ve got from these. We’ve already seen that different GP models can provide different results and apparently not all models are as good as you could expect them to be.
The Sub C cells in cordless drills are more often than not, the NICD kind and not NiMH and they come with built-in chargers that are appropriate for NICD chemistry recharging. NiMH Sub C’s however, would be the choice for use in RC toys and electric guns, and electric vehicles like cars and bicycles as a few of examples. Still other uses for Sub C NiMH batteries include: battery packs such as Airsoft, remote control battery packs, transmitter battery packs and many many other battery pack assembly jobs. NiMH Sub C batteries are equally used in industry as part of their own internal operations, not just inside the products they manufacture. There are battery chargers will charge both NiMH and NiCd batteries in all sorts of sizes: AA, AAA, C, Sub C, D, and 9 Volt. Sub C NiMH rechargeable batteries are high in capacity and therefore will run, say, a drill (on battery power) for a long period of time. This is abbreviated as mAh, and the higher the rating of the mAh, (displayed numerically), the longer the run time that 1 full single charge will give you.

It’s what sticks out on either end for the purpose of soldering to another cell as is required in the building of battery packs.
For many, it’s a handy convenience to have these tabs directly on the batteries already and for the do-it-yourself-er who wishes to weld the tabs on themself,(simply done by people who are familiar with the use of a spot-welder) getting them without tabs and welding them on by themself, is an option as well. Another significant difference between NiMH and NiCD technology is what is referred to as memory effect.
It will be a valuable piece of battery information to know, when making purchasing decisions. Memory Effect is actually a resulting status that can happen to a battery that has been charged at the wrong time. We know that needs a few more words, so here goes: Memory effect is what happens to a battery that is recharged before it was fully dead to begin with.
If you charge certain types of batteries which can sustain this type of effect, (NICD – Nickel Cadmium in particular), before they have become fully drained of power, only the empty portion of the battery will be replenished and it is THAT NEW LEVEL of power that will become the batteries new TOTAL power capability. They have enough experience to know that there are a few battery sizes they use over and over again. And for a host of other reasons, they require a surplus to keep in the workshop at their fingertips at any time. However, typically they need their inventory to be blister carded, ready for retail display.
We invite all Government Departments, Universities and Schools across North America, Libraries, Media Centers and Research Labs, Corporations from Industry in the Private Sectore to sent us their Purchase Orders for their wholesale requirements and we are equipped to work closely and DIRECTLY with you, to deliver exactly what you require, how you need it and when you need it.
Our brimming warehouse if SUPER Fresh batteries can adhere to even the most stringent of delivery schedules.
And of course, so do we!One of the most popular features of our website (really it’s our internet catalog) is our incredible Daily Specials. We have at least 50 products each day in that section and they flow through a roster to continually change to other products.

If you bookmark this section, you’ll be up to date each day with what we have on special. Won’t you have a look?Which Sub C batteries you purchase for your devices, depends on application, convenience and price. If you require custom battery pack assembly done for you, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.Please scroll up to the top of this page to see our selection (our own in-house inventory) Sub C NiMH rechargeable batteries.
You may click on any of the images for full product details or simply click to add to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.We invite you to contact us with all your Sub C battery inquiries if you have questions before you buy them. Try us once, and let us become your forever-more battery store!Please scroll down and you’ll see our array of amazing daily specials. Some are batteries, some are battery chargers, some are Combo bundles of batteries and chargers and yet others are battery related accessories like testers, adapters, racks and organizers. Regarding our terrific Combo packages, please note: **** We place sample bundles together for web presentation purposes only and do not list all the different kinds of combinations we can, do and will put together for our customers. If you would like to create your own bundle, simply give us a call or email us and we’ll take care of the rest. We are here to provide exactly what you require.Perhaps other battery sites only offer select combos. Since our aim is to be your number one battery source, we go the extra mile to separate ourselves from the rest.

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