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As the governments become more environment conscious, they are encouraging companies to come up with new and innovative green devices that will sustain the environment. Moixa Energy has introduced the new USB rechargeable battery for users who want to say goodbye to the hazardous alkaline batteries.
This battery is compatible with all types of common everyday devices from children’s toys to remote controls. The laptops are today powered by lithium batteries which could be a environment hazard as well. The sun powered laptop charger reduces the consumption of conventional electricity and hence saves the consumers at least a few hundred dollars per month. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Note: Please save any unsaved data as your system will restart automatically after updating the BIOS.

I don't have a Battery Health option so I will get that software and see if that is it. In this quest are 2 companies called Moixa Energy and SolarGorilla which have recently unveiled innovative and new products. SolarGorilla has introduced a solar charger having two photovoltaic shells in its clamshell design.
Disconnect all the external peripherals like printer, camera, scanner, external hard drive, flash drive etc. Please connect an alternate ac adapter to your system to check if that works fine with the system. Since the battery has a good lifespan it can be used as a replacement for thousand conventional alkaline batteries. They can simply put the charger in the sun and then use it to power the laptop and other devices.

The laptop works fine without a battery on AC power using the same ac adapter device I attempted to charge the battery with.
Also, please update the BIOS and try connecting an alternate adapter to see if that works fine with the system. If it does, the ac adapter needs replacement, otherwise the DC in port (port with which the ac adapter connects) needs to be replaced. It looks like an alkaline battery but it has an additional hidden connector and a built in charger which can be plugged into any USB port.
The panels can harness the energy of the sun when they are exposed to it and after a few hours the laptop battery is fully charged.

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