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I have a 1999 Nissan Sentra 1.6L automatic and my positive battery terminal looks almost identicle to the one pictured above.
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Back again :-) just been out to the car and had a lock it all looks ok to be honest but you never know.

I used to have a red top, and the only advantage I think was a bit higher cold cranking amps, however, every time I left the lights on, it would kill the red top's capacity bit by bit. Even in the future if you decide to add some accessories (sound system, lights, etc.) I think the factory cables will work fine.
It wouldn't be too difficult, just a PITA.The negative cable is comparatively much easier since it's just held down by two bolts and a zip-tie.
Yellow tops are dual cycle, which means they can be discharged, and charged up again without major damage to the battery. The negative cable is super easy to replace, but the positive cable is going to be pretty difficult to replace (unless you just run a completely new one outside of the factory cable sleeve).
I still leave my lights on sometimes, but if I come back within and hour or two, the car starts up just fine (same can't be true of the red top I had before).

Regardless, if you do get accessories, you will most likely wire any high-current accessories directly to the battery (via a relay), so a larger positive battery cable won't make any impact.
Just clean off the oxidation and wrap any exposed cable in high-grade electrical tape (or liquid electrical tape).
However, if you do add accessories and have them directly wired to the battery, then you can just upgrade the negative battery cable later on. Also, when looking at the current cables, and attempting to trace where they lead, it just seems like a jumbled mess.

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