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Setting up a webcam sight illuminator over your laptop's webcam will certainly “enlighten” your online conversations.
This wind powered charger can be used as a remote source of power where wind energy is plentiful, such as on sailboats or at remote radio repeater sites. I think the admin of tis webssite is actually working hard in support of his website, as hewre every information is quality based material.
Thank you for showing the blue print, I really need this, I was planning on putting up wind turbine but not sure how the wiring goes so thank you for this information.. Stepper motors are well adapted as generators because they generate relatively high voltages at low speeds thus eliminating gearing. Recent Questionselectronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC? Temperature compensation helps prevent overcharging, the LM334 temperature sensor should be placed near or on the battery.
The charger’s input voltage must be filtered dc that is at least 3V higher than the maximum required output voltage.
Would it be possible to modify the above circuit to produce a 14.3v charge and 13.5v float to charge a gel cell battery?
The chargers available in market are all coming from china and they just bust out after 8 months.
I thought this circuit is of help as the batteries used in ebikes are gelled electrolyte ones. Can you please give details of adding overdischarge battery protection in this circuit, as this also be very usefull for the batteries life.

Since the SLAs are relatively small, and I only need them charged between radio outings, I opted to build a 1A constant current charger, based on the 555 Battery Charger which won first place in the 555 Design Contest Utility category.
As a switchable current source, I used an LM317 (or an LM1117) wired as a constant-current source with a 1.5? 1W current sense resistor. Ideally, I would have a much better heat sink on the current regulator, but 317s are almost indestructible.
I primarily use this to recharge my small SLAs with a 18V laptop power supply, but used the same connector as my 10W solar panel, so solar charging is an option in the future. 76bd08c0-6721-11e2-a0ba-000f20980440January 25, 2013 at 11:00:00 AM PSTCould you please explain some more detail about how this 2N3904 part of the circuit works? The charging current decreases as the battery charges and when the current drops to 180 mA the charging circuit reduces the output voltage to 2.35 V per cell, leaving the battery in a fully charged state. The comparator’s output controls the voltage regulator, and produce the lower float voltage when the battery-charging current, passing through R1, drops bellow 180 mA.
Open the regulator, replace the 56 ohm resistor marked as VR1, with a 100 Ohm trim pot via two tiny wires.
As the battery voltage rises, current to the battery decreases, and the current had decreased to 150 mA, the charge switches to a lower float voltage which prevents overcharge.
Same condition, when I use the 5A transformer for this circuit, charging current is about 2A. The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club enjoys a steady source of donations of slightly used SLAs, so I got a few of them with need for a battery charger. Using a 555 is a rather clever way to get two comparators and a Set-Reset latch in a single 8DIP package, which is needed for the high and low trip points.

Conversely, since I'm using a laptop power supply and charging relatively small batteries, I cared more about actively limiting the charge current. Using the LM317 as a constant current source is a relatively clever use of the voltage regulator control loop to maintain 1.25V across a current sense resistor. The button pulling pin 2 low forces the charger into charging mode until the battery reaches 14.2V again.
When it starts to over-heat, it simply folds back the current and charges the battery longer and slower, which is fine for my application. The major difference between my design and Mike's is that instead of using a relay like him, I use an LM317 as a constant current source to limit my batteries charge rate. The 4.7k resistor back to the ADJ pin is arbitrary, as long as it's high enough resistance to allow the 555 to pull the adj pin low. Forcing the charger back into standby mode can be accomplished by pulling pin 6 to 5V, but I opted not to include that. I have more than one car and while not in drive I trickle the battery to keep at 12.9 V without charging element. Off the top of my head, I think you'd just need to remove half of the total resistance from the top half.

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